King County Early Learning Coalition

Culturally Responsive Practices in Home-Based Services

It is important for families to have easy access to information and community resources that support healthy child development and positive adult/child relationships. Home based services are an effective way of strengthening families with infants and young children. The power of this approach lies within the trusting relationship that is built between the home visitor and the parent.

There are many different types of home-based services offered in King County.  For the purpose of this project we agreed upon an inclusive definition: services provided within a family’s home or an environment of their choice. This includes home visiting programs (evidence-based, promising, and innovative), community health work, and early intervention therapies.

Professionals who provide home-based services are entering into the personal space of a family, and engaging in deeply personal conversations about the development of a specific child, their parenting experience, family values, physical and mental health, and more. In addition to content expertise, the home visitor relies upon an array of communication skills, an essential one being the ability to be culturally responsive: To learn from and relate respectfully with people from your own and other cultures.

To support home-based service providers in building their culturally responsive practices, SOAR is launching a Community of Practice where diverse practitioners can come together, share stories, learn from each other, reflect on their practice, and elevate their voices.

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