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Get to
Know Us

Bridging perspectives. Convening community. Creating shared solutions.

Our Journey:

Since our inception in 2004, Soar has served as a pioneer in spearheading key early learning and youth development efforts. We convene community partners, funders, and decision-makers to improve service access, build community capacity, and strengthen the systems that support children and families.

Like any small organization, Soar has gone through many changes: location, staff, leadership, and even our mission. Through all our growth, we remained constant in our endeavor: to create spaces where communities can come together and work collectively to improve conditions and outcomes for children, youth and families in King County.

Our Mission:

Soar elevates community voice by ensuring King County children, youth, and families are actively engaged in policies and decisions that impact their lives.

Explore Our History

  • City of Seattle
    Launch Project Lift-Off

    City of Seattle <br> Launch Project Lift-Off

    The City of Seattle launched Project Lift-Off, a comprehensive program to improve child care and programming for children (birth to age 18) during the times they are not in school.

  • Soar is formed

    Project Lift-Off eventually merged with the United Way of King County Children’s Initiative, resulting in the creation of Soar. Its mission at the time was “helping kids reach for the sky.”

  • Early Childhood and School Readiness Action Agenda

    Early Childhood and School Readiness Action Agenda

    Soar convenes community partners to develop an Early Childhood and School Readiness Action Agenda, a plan to improve school readiness in King County. This plan was put forth by Community Action Teams resulting in public awareness, community-based projects, and policy changes at local, regional, and state levels.

  • King County Action Agenda for School-Aged Children

    Soar and its partners create the King County Action Agenda for School-Age Children and Youth. This agenda offers goals and strategies to improve the success of children 6-18 in school and life by streamlining resources and connecting youth work that was already happening throughout King County.

  • King County Early Learning Coalition

    Soar becomes the host organization for the King County Early Learning Coalition (KCELC), a community of early learning stakeholders working together to eliminate inequities within the early learning system. KCELC is a member of Washington Communities for Children, a network of ten Early Learning Regional Coalitions serving Washington State.

  • King County Youth Advisory Council

    King County Youth Advisory Council

    Soar forms the King County Youth Advisory Council (KCYAC) in 2013 as a response to the lack of youth voice in King County. Composed of young leaders ages 16-24, KCYAC’s goal is to to influence county wide youth initiatives, programs, and advance the rights of our most marginalized populations.

  • A New Horizon

    A New Horizon

    Responding to significant external changes in early learning and youth development systems, Soar engaged in stakeholder inquires about future priorities and directions. From those conversations, Soar redefined its mission: to elevate community voice so children, youth and families are actively engaged in policies and decisions that impact their lives.

  • Opportunity Youth United Seattle

    Opportunity Youth United Seattle

    Soar, in partnership with Opportunity Youth United (OYU), forms OYU Seattle. OYU Seattle is part of a national youth led grassroots movement that aims to create a society in which equality, justice, and love. OYU Seattle works with young leaders between the ages of 16-35 to focus on policies and politics that impact young people who have faced barriers in school, work, and other institutions.

Committed to Our Values

Committed to
Our Values


Our integrity is held by our reflective practices that ensure our work is strengths-based, carries our frameworks into action, and is aligned with our mission.


We engage in authentic relationship building with communities that allows us to listen deeply. We amplify community voice by supporting community organizing at grassroots, coalition, and system levels to create positive change.


Soar's transparency is reflected in how we are accountable, honest, and open in our daily operations, relationships, and how we communicate within our team and with the community.


Soar's joy rises from the communities that we work with and serve. We are inspired daily by our learning experiences and the opportunities we have to support change and growth at individual, family, community, and systemic levels.

Our Social Justice Principles

No Decisions Without Community

Soar consults with community before making large decisions that impact funding, programs, or partnerships.

Community Collaborations

Soar will only partner and collaborate with organizations who uplift social justice and community voice.

Dismantling Oppression

Soar is committed to dismantling the intersections of oppression (sexism, cissexism, heterosexism, racism and antiblackness, classism, ableism, religious oppression, and ageism) within our work and in individuals, institutions, and society.

Urgency and Purpose

Soar is dedicated to operating with a sense of urgency because this work is important and every second counts. We are also committed to intentionality and a sense of purpose in our work. We will only move forward with plans that advance our mission and complement our social justice principles.

Community Leadership Developement

Those closest to the problem create and implement solutions and programs. Soar develops and supports community leaders along their journeys to change.

Resource Distribution

Soar is dedicated to funneling resources where need is greatest.

our Partners

At Soar, we are proud to work with some of the most dedicated and passionate organizations around King County and beyond. Check out some of our partners below!

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