small but mighty

We are dedicated team players who bring energy, ideas and pride to our work.

Our Team

Paula Steinke


Paula Steinke (she/her) is the Director of Soar. Paula believes in honoring and building upon individual, family and community strengths. She is committed to undoing structural racism and working for social justice through listening to, learning from, and elevating community voices. Paula enjoys systems thinking, collective action, purposeful wandering, and other non-linear approaches toward being a change agent. She gained her most valuable and humbling lessons through life experience: the first person in her family to attend college, parenting two daughters, friendships with people from many walks of life, being in the presence of animals and nature. Paula happily admits that her world view has been profoundly influenced by speculative fiction. | 206.336.6930

Makayla Wright

Youth Voice Organizer

Makayla Wright (she/her) is the Youth Voice Organizer for Soar. Makayla grew up in Leavenworth Kansas. As the child of former Opportunity Youth who never went back to school to get their GED’s, she realized how important it was to work with young adults in similar situations. Makayla graduated from Smith College in Massachusetts and has worked in educational outreach programs, youth residential treatment facilities, charter schools in Brooklyn with middle school students, and as an Academic Coach for students in Tacoma. As a Black woman from the Midwest, she is passionate about exploring root issues and working with community. And now advocates for youth and young adults in King County by convening the King County Youth Advisory Council and organizing the King County Community Action Team for Opportunity Youth United, a nationwide grassroots movement led by youth from nontraditional paths. | 206.336.6937

Tran Tonnu

Communications Coordinator

Tran Tonnu (they/them) serves as Soar’s first ever Communications Coordinator where they capture the magic of a ‘small but mighty’ organization. With a passion for storytelling, Tran brings diverse experience in multimedia communications especially for grassroot nonprofits and marginalized communities. As a community organizer and self-taught artist, Tran’s work centers around the process and practice of healing. They believe that when we heal ourselves we heal our community, and vice versa. Tran earned a Bachelor of Arts in Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies with a minor in Environmental Studies from the University of Washington, Seattle. | 206.336.6927

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