Our Approach

Youth Engaged in Leadership and Learning

Youth Engaged in Leadership and Learning (Y.E.L.L.) is a framework that prepares and supports youth to become knowledgeable and active decision makers in their school and community.

Based on the premise that youth have important insights into school and community improvement, this framework guides youth through a training process to help them develop tangible leadership skills.

Created by community for community, Y.E.L.L. promotes the positive development of young people. Using Y.E.L.L.’s curriculum, SOAR is able to identify skills needed by young people to inspire their community and grow into effective change agent.

Benefits of Y.E.L.L.

    • Increases the confidence of young people
    • Develops leadership skills
    • Encourages young people to reflect on changes they want to see in their community and equips them with the tool to address those changes.
    • Supports young people to become researchers in their community, gaining data collection and analysis skills.

Implementing Y.E.L.L.

The King County Youth Advisory Council currently uses Y.E.L.L. to learn about:


Public Speaking




The Y.E.L.L. curriculum is created by the John W. Gardner Center for Youth and their Communities at Stanford University.
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