Our Approach

Community Based Participatory Research

Community Based Participatory Research is a process that engages trusted messengers to convene community members most affected by an issue. With shared leadership throughout, a goal of creating strategies for change, team members collectively conduct research, make meaning of the results, and generate ideas.

Key Principles

    • Recognizing the community as a unit of identity
    • Building on the strengths and resources inherent within the community
    • Facilitating collaborative partnerships throughout all phases of research
    • Creating a process that shares learning and empowerment
    • Explicitly addressing social and power inequities within project structure
    • Cyclical and iterative process
    • Distributing findings and knowledge gained to all partners 


    • People will speak more freely to peers than to strangers.
    • Researchers who are members of the community know the history and relationships surrounding an issue, and can place it in context
    • People experiencing an issue know what’s important to them about it – what it effects, what parts of their lives it touches.
    • Findings may receive more community support, because community members know that the research was conducted by people in similar circumstances.
    • Citizens can take more control of issues and related projects or initiatives that impact their lives.
    • Community voices come to be viewed differently be professionals and those in positions of power.


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