Opportunity Youth United

We are a solutions-oriented movement of young adults who are dedicated to creating a society with love, respect, and equality for all.

"At OYU we envision a nation where all young people can reach their highest potential and noblest aspirations."

OYU Seattle

Opportunity Youth United, Seattle chapter is part of a national youth led grassroots movement. Our aim is to create a society in which equality, justice, and love are at the forefront of everything we do. 

Convened by Soar, OYU Seattle works with young leaders between the ages of 16-35 to focus on the policies and politics that impact young people who have faced barriers in school, work, and other institutions.

we are passionate about

Strengthening our communities for our peers, families, and future generations.

Leadership Development

From digital organizing training, to a three-day long retreat in Long Beach, California focused on community empowerment and leadership, our young leaders are equipped to become change agents in King County.

Voter Education

Whether it’s testifying at the state capitol or supporting a national research project on the challenges of young voters, we are committed to ensuring  our leaders and community are staying informed and active in all areas of civic life. 

Community Engagement

To be effective change agents, OYU Seattle focuses on our young leaders and their community. This is why we support our young folks in hosting park pop ups, block parties, and meaningful events in their community. 

our structure

Opportunity Youth United

is a National Grassroots organization based in 16 cities and anchored by 16 Community Action Teams.

Community Action Teams

are local coalitions comprised of young leaders, a youth serving organization, and community partners.

OYU Seattle

is currently the only Community Action Team in Washington State and the Pacific North West. Soar serves as its anchor organization.

OYU Seattle Community Partners

City of Kent · Highline Public School · King County Housing Authority · OneAmerica · Schools Out Washington · Seattle Education Access · WA Voting Justice · Washington Bus · Win/Win Action · Workforce Develop Council · Youth Development Executives of King County

Leaders in the Movement

Hikma Sherka

Kaitlin Ingram

Karla Vargas

Umi Terukina

Karen Martinez

Tierrnesha Maynard

Wendy Bracmontes

Caressa Nguyen

Heena Vahora


When it comes to early learning and youth development we are dedicated bridge builders for our community and the organizations committed to serving them. Join us as we continue to elevate community voice!

Makayla Wright

Youth Voice Organizing Manager

(206) 336-6937

Devan Rogers

Youth Voice Outreach Coordinator

(206) 261-3434

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