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Creative resistance

Inspired by conversations in the King County Youth Advisory Council, the School to Prison Pipeline film project is a documentary examining how the education and juvenile punishment system disproportionately impact students of color in King County. Led by youth most impacted by the issue, this project places young people in the role of story tellers where they engage critically and creatively with digital media to create social change. This project also works to uplift youth voice while providing project participants with tangible skills like video production, critical thinking/analysis, and project planning/execution. Our goal for this project is to engage with opportunity youth in a way that is personally meaningful while educating and informing our community and decision makers on the school to prison pipeline. 

Looking at the Stats

Black and Brown students account for 55.8% of out-of-school suspension despite representing one-quarter of the Seattle Schools District population.

Using predicted probabilities, Black students are over 20% more likely to receive exclusionary discipline than their white peers for fighting.

Nearly 50% of youth incarcerated in Seattle are Black, and 19% are Latino.

Data shows students suspended or expelled for a discretionary violation are three times more likely to be in contact with the juvenile justice system the following year.

Our Project Timeline

  • Rapid Resource Fund

    Rapid Resource Fund

    Soar applies to the Road Map Project Rapid Resource Fund which support short term projects that have the potential to spark change in the Road Map Project region (seven school districts in King County, WA).

  • Approved for $18,000 grant

    Approved for $18,000 grant

    Soar is approved for a $18,000 grant by the Road Map Project. Funding goes towards film instructors, production cost, and most importantly paying our youth participants.

  • Soar partners with BFF

    Soar partners with BFF

    Soar hires Blanket Fort Films (BFF) as our project partner! BFF is a nonprofit film production company that empowers filmmakers from underrepresented communities (LGBTQ, POC, and Women) through cost-free access to motion picture education and gear.


  • Project Application Open

    Project Application Open

    Soar and the King County Youth Advisory Council begin accepting application for our film project. We wanted to make sure that the project was led by youth most impacted by the issue hence prioritizing applicants that had personal or professional experience with school discipline and/or Juvenile Incarceration.

  • First day of class

    First day of class

    Our project members meet twice a week for 4 hours each. Classes are led by Blanket Fort Films where they learn the fundamental techniques of production, camera operation, cinema lighting, location, post audio, and video editing.

  • Last day of class

    Last day of class

    Last day of formal classes, project members now have a period of time to interview community members for their film.

  • Project members in the field

    Project members in the field

    Project members are interviewing community members about their experience with the juvenile justice system.

  • Editing Begins

    Editing Begins

    Project members begin editing their film.

  • Film Completed

    Film Completed

    Project members finish their final edits of the film and prepare to show it to the community.

  • Film Showing

    Film Showing

    Project members will be hosting a film showing to share their project with the community.


When it comes to early learning and youth development we are dedicated bridge builders for our community and the organizations committed to serving them. Join us as we continue to elevate community voice!

Makayla Wright

Youth Voice Organizer

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